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Ghee Lace Docs Boots at SCALA Yin/Yang

When we saw that the theme for this month's Yin/Yang event from SCALA was "masculine/feminine" recreating a lace overprinted version of the iconic docs work boots seemed like the natural thing to do! We love unusual juxtapositions, and combining the classic men's work boots with a pretty lace design certainly tickles our fancy.
Ghee's Lace Docs come in rigged mesh for Slink Flat Feet, and unrigged mesh (with resizer) fitted to Maitreya Flat Feet. There are 10 colourways to choose from, or if you just can't choose, you can grab a fatpack of all 10 for half the price!
Ghee's Lace Docs are available exclusively at SCALA Yin/Yang from 15th-30th September.
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